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The approach to the adult patient with splenomegaly and other splenic disorders is discussed separately.

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Reason why a 12 year old would have an enlarged liver and spleen.

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The characteristic symptom of spleen enlargement is severe pain in the abdomen and back.

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In children, palpating the liver and finding its edge below the margin of the ribs can indicate hepatomegaly.

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Splenomegaly is the medical term for an enlargement of the spleen.I have had a spleen scan as I have a small problem with my Liver.I really would not worry to much as your spleen could be naturally that size anyway.

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Clinically, if a spleen is palpable (felt via external examination), it means it is enlarged.This advice is given to avoid the rare complication of splenic rupture that.Portal hypertension is high blood pressure in the portal vein, which supplies the liver with blood from the intestine and spleen.For cirrhosis to develop, long-term, continuous damage to the liver needs to occur.

The distinction between a symptom and complication is not always clear, and conditions mentioning this symptom as a complication may also be relevant.

However liver and spleen enlargement with increased serum alkaline phosphatase do not help me in coming to a conclusion as there a number of causes for them.The common venous circulation in the spleen and liver causes the latter to degenerate when the spleen is made to overflow with blood under experimental conditions.

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In more advanced stages of liver cancer, the liver or spleen may become enlarged thus making them physically enlarged and the corresponding outer area tender to the touch.So when ever there is resistance to blood flow from spleen to liver (commonest cause is cirrhosis of liver, in which the liver becomes small and stiff), the pressure in splenic vein increases and reflects into blood vessels of stomach and esophagus.

In the past, splenomegaly was a clinical finding, but in recent years, imaging studies have also helped to assess for or confirm mild splenomegaly.

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In hematological conditions like leukemia the number of lymphocytes will be increased.Wandering spleen, whether it is a condition with which a baby is born (congenital form) or is the result of multiple births in women or some sort of accident that may affect men and women (acquired form), is an extremely rare disorder.

Assessment for enlarged spleen is a safe and reliable tool in the diagnosis of esophageal varices in liver cirrhotic patients10. diagnostic accuracy of ultrasound in determining esophageal varices in hepatic cirrhosis based on splenic size assessment.A hematoma of the spleen does not bleed into the abdomen at first but may.Hepatomegaly is the medical term used to describe enlargement of spleen and liver.Even an enlarged spleen can be difficult to palpate especially in obese patients, because unlike the liver on the right side of the abdomen, its lower edge can be soft and hard to appreciate.

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An enlarged spleen can be felt by a doctor during a routine medical exam but a normal-sized spleen cannot be felt.Imaging at the time of admission included a right upper quadrant ultrasound that revealed an enlarged liver at approximately 25 cm in sagittal dimension with no focal hepatic abnormality, an enlarged spleen at approximately 15.This syndrome is characterized by abnormal enlargement of the spleen (splenomegaly) due to obstruction of blood flow in some veins and abnormally increased blood pressure (hypertension) within the veins of the liver (e.g., hepatic or portal veins), or the spleen (splenic veins).


Mono is a typical cause in that age group, but you should contact your health care provider for information specific.In general, it is treated by treating the underlying condition.

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When healthy liver tissue is destroyed and replaced by scar tissue, the condition becomes serious, because it can start blocking the flow of blood through the liver.Certain types of tumors may cause large amounts of tracer to collect in the liver or spleen.Splenomegaly refers strictly to spleen enlargement, and is distinct from hypersplenism, which connotes overactive function by a spleen of any size.

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Warning Signs and Symptoms Mild enlargement of the liver and spleen may go unnoticed.

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This causes the triad of ascites, abdominal pain, and hepatosplenomegaly (enlargement of the liver and spleen).Hepatomegaly is the medical term that describes enlargement of the liver.When enlarged, many patients complain of a feeling of fullness and early satiety when eating.

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The normal position of the spleen is within the peritoneal cavity in the left upper quadrant of the abdominal cavity adjacent to ribs nine through 12, just beneath the left diaphragm.