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The penis extender is the most effective and safest way of increasing both penis length and girth.

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Using the detailed step by step illustrated instructions booklet, you will be guided.

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Results achieved do not seem to be inferior to surgery, making these traction devices an ideal first-line treatment option for patients seeking a penile lengthening procedure.Penile extension using traction devices is one of the nonsurgical methods which has shown promising results and has been backed by scientific evidence as well.

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Other research has demonstrated that, up to a point, even flaccid penis size has an effect on how attractive men appear to women.Below is a detailed explanation outlining the penis enlargement process and stages your body will go through during the Quick Extender Pro program.

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Use of Penis extender can add much of inches in a very short period of time.There is no getting around the fact that penis traction is a proven method of penile enhancement.

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The current published literature suggests that selected cases of PD may benefit.

In another study of the same method, men reported an average increase of 0.9 in. (2.3 cm.

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Following is a chart summarizing the main penis enlargement methods, which types are common to that method, how the method works, and the pros and cons of the method, to help in your decision making process.However, a manufacturer need only show that its device meets the However, a manufacturer need only show that its device meets the.The idea of a nonsurgical method that generates progressive mechanical traction to the deformed penis by lengthening and correcting any abnormal penile curvature is very attractive.It can be offered as the first line of treatment to patients seeking an increase.Aims. This noncontrolled pilot study was designed to evaluate the efficacy and safety of external penile traction therapy in men with a shortened penis used before inflatable prosthesis implantation.This penis extender is an effective and safe method for penile enlargement.The piston then acts to draw a vacuum for holding the cylinder and the penis together as a unit.

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Anyway there are also treatments for the penis: Improve ejaculation, if this.

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Increase in size can reach up to 2-3 inches in just a few weeks.

In just a few short months, the system can gradually straighten your penis in a pain free and safe process.For faster and even better results you can combine this technique with Penis Enlargement device or extenders.Penile traction: Men have attached weights to their penises for at least a hundred years in hopes of stretching out a couple more inches.Penile traction therapy with the TD or VED is beneficial to decrease penile curvature in animal models of PD.

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Vacuum Erectile Device (VED) Vs Penile Traction Method (PTM) Traction.

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Erectile dysfunction can be treated in a number of ways, including the use of penile traction therapy, vacuum erection devices, and vascular surgery.

The current published literature suggests that selected cases of PD may benefit from a conservative approach with PTT.

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Knowing ways to do traction wrapping right after a penis workout regimen can assist attain fantastic penile development significantly.This process is also used in other medical areas such as bone distraction for bone lengthening or plastic surgery to treat burns or skin defects.Based on the method of traction, this device will exert a force opposite to your current curvature in order to gradually straighten your penis.