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Antonyms for Growth and Development. 64 synonyms for growth: increase, development, expansion, extension, growing, heightening, proliferation, enlargement, multiplication, progress, success.

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Adult stature, tempo of growth, timing and rate of sexual development, skeletal maturation, and dental development are all significantly influenced by genetic factors and estimates of genetic transmissibility range from 41% to 71%.

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Growth and maturation of the senses, muscles, and motor skills Social development The evolution of knowledge of how people interact, play, share, take turns or talk socially.Define maturation. maturation synonyms, maturation pronunciation, maturation translation, English dictionary definition of maturation. n. 1. The process of becoming mature. 2. Biology a.The effects of glucocorticoids on postnatal lung maturation need to be investigated further to.The staging of tooth development is an attempt to categorise changes that occur along a continuous path and usually it is hard to decide what stage we should assign to a specific development of tooth.A: In psychology, maturation is the process of development in which an individual matures or reaches full functionality.It is believed that development has a biological process that occurs in predictable stages over time.

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Human development is the progression and regression that occur within human beings as they age and over the lifespan. 2. Development is age-related but not totally age dependent.GOLDSCHMIDT The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Rehovot, Israel Citrus is an evergreen, subtropical crop and low temperatures are the main factor restricting its.This page has been accessed 5,126 times.The rates are usually the same for all children: growth, development, and age.The years of rapid physical growth and sexual maturation that end childhood, producing a person of adult size, shape, and sexuality.

Early childhood is the most and rapid period of development in a human life.At the population level growth references are useful for predicting general emergencies related to food and nutrition, assessing the equity of distribution of economic resources within and between.

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Development definition is - the act, process, or result of developing.

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Maturation vs Learning The key difference between maturation and learning is that learning comes through experience, knowledge, and practice while maturation comes from within the individual as he grows and develops.It is the process whereby tissues, organs, and whole plants are produced.

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Development includes growth (cell division, enlargement and differentiation), morphogenesis, maturation and senescence.

It also refers to the biological and psychological changes that occur in human beings between start and the end of adolescence.Developmental biology is the study of the process by which animals and plants grow and develop.

The control of ovarian maturation and spawning is a major problem in the development of commercial aquaculture of penaeid shrimp.Procedure for maturation and spawning of imported shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei in commercial hatchery, South East Coast of India.

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Most people think of learning as what you do in school, which is a type of intellectual development.The influence of maternal nutrition and intrauterine environment are reflected primarily in the growth parameters at the time of birth and during the first month of life, whereas genetic.According to dictionary, G rowth is an advancement towards maturity.

As a child develops, he or she adds to the skills already acquired and the new skills become the basis for further.

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Development of the nervous system refers to the processes that generate, shape, and reshape the nervous system of animals, from the earliest stages of embryogenesis to adulthood.